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Two Poems

By Kathryn Regina.

from AS I SAID

I worry that I’m prettier now than I ever will be

It’s so soon until I die, pictures don’t make me feel better

She says it’s not a day until you go to sleep

and wake up again, it doesn’t matter what the sun does

I didn’t sleep for three weeks

You are my hope I told her

She got down on the floor

and painted a blue stripe across her forehead

She said there was a girl that followed

a porcupine up a tree that kept getting taller and taller

I want those quills the girl said

but what do you think was up there?


It is raining tonight and I think it will be enough to keep me awake


from AS I SAID

I walked in and my cat was in pieces

clawing and meowing and generally raising

sadness. I said to her did you know

microwaves can send the cancer right into you

even though there’s that door

People never kill with their hands anymore

why is that? He just collapsed

He wasn’t sitting too close to the computer screen

or standing in front of the microwave or anything like that

he was just leaning into the sink brushing his teeth

and then he collapsed


I walked in and the cat had scratched the wall

into a vitamin scored to hide a tiny gun



Kathryn Regina is a member of Venom Literati, a literary collective in Chicago. She can be found at www.venomliterati.blogspot.com and www.this-is-not-poetry.blogspot.com/. She is currently reading Hotel Theory by Wayne Koestenbaum. It is good.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Friday, August 31st, 2007.