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Evelyn Posamentier

grandmother has a birthday
with the afterdead. ilan
ramon is joining her.
i am awakened by the news
one saturday morning.
the afterdead explode & die all over
again as a spaceship glows into pieces.
shoah grandmother leaves door ajar --
it is february 1st.

petr ginz is a boy preserved
in the shoah museum.
he struggles with his pencil.
he views an earth that can
hurt no more from
afar, from a lunar landscape.

ilan ramon reaches back &
resurrects the shoah boy
to bring him & his drawing
along to outer space. their arms
stretch out across sky & stars.
everyone who has ever died
explodes again in unison.

petr & ilan & grandmother
celebrate the sweetness
of the afterdead. it can be

no other way


Recent poems online can be found at The Quarterly Journal of Ideology, Born Magazine, The DIAGRAM, 2 River View, SoMa Literary Review, Big City Lit and The Mississippi Review Online. Work is forthcoming in the February/March issue of nthposition. This is Evelyn Posamentier's second appearance in 3am Magazine.

Petr Ginz (1928-1944)
Moon Landscape, 1942-1944, Theresienstadt
Pencil on paper
Gift of Otto Ginz
Collection of the Yad Vashem Art Museum, Jerusalem

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