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William Levy

The French won't wake up until Notre Dame becomes a mosque --E. M. Cioran, in coversation, to Andrei Codrescu

A river of sperm, now,
All of a sudden, it's
Shifting course, my friend,
And heading west
A healthy gulp of death
Giving lethal assistance
Theater at its best.

Once admiration gives
Way to disdain the bizarre,
After all, is the only way
Out that makes sense.

Caught in the clutches
Of the great hermaphrodite
We are all such serfs
Stunned by the noxious
Gases of modern thought.

And all he thought was that
Now he would finally be
Able to watch a first class
Serial week after week.


Hello Boppers, Now Dig This William Levy's popular Dr. Doo Wop Show is celebrating its 14th anniversary, still Europe's only regular doo-wop radio program. It can be heard in Amsterdam every Friday evening from seven to eight on Radio 100 (99.3 fm) and now available globally on the Internet. Any groovy music sent is most welcome -- of your own making, from friends, or from your unique obsessive collection. It will be treated with maximum respect and given maximum airplay. In addition, everyone wanting to try their hand at being a DJ is encouraged to dispatch their cassette(s) of approximately fifty minutes. Dr. Doo Wop is a river to his listeners. He is eager to broadcast them all. Send to: Invisible Language Society Fokke Simonszstraat 28-I 1017 TH Amsterdam The Netherlands

William Levy (b. January 10, 1939) also has a flip side. He is the "provocative, lustful, funny, impassioned" author and/or editor of The Virgin Sperm Dancer, Wet Dreams, Certain Radio Speeches of Ezra Pound, Jeremiad Chants, Natural Jewboy, Voicings and Transmissions, Radio Art, Blood, An Introduction to Political Porno in Europe, A Vilna Legend, The Night Before Charisma, Billy's Holiday, Viagra Blues and Is There Sex Over Forty? -- as well as other scorching cult classics. His writings have been translated into eight languages including Lithuanian, Slovenian and Georgian.

Uneducated at the University of Maryland and Temple University, he taught in the literature department at Shippensburg State College, in Pennsylvania, before sailing off to England aboard the legendary R.M.S. Queen Mary in the autumn of 1966. In the sixties and seventies, he was founder and chief-editor of magazines at the cutting edge of the zeitgeist, such as: The Insect Trust Gazette, International Times, Suck, and The Fanatic. More recently, he served as European Editor for American glossy fanzines High Times and Penthouse and as an associate editor of Amsterdam stylezines Het Gewicht, Ins and Outs, La Linea and Atom Club. He has been a regular contributor to Exquisite Corpse and Libido. Currently publisher of Transactions of the Invisible Language Society series. His prophetic meditation play Europe in Flames was featured at the Festival of New Radio in New York.

An American from Baltimore, Bill lives invisibly in Holland with his wife--the literary translator Susan Janssen--plus a bevy of other babes. Since his very first arrest, this spare man has continued to explore dangerous ideas about eros. A good cook, a shy populist. He adores dancing and has been observed along the canals talking with himself, making frenzied gestures while riding a bicycle.

He won a coveted Erotic Oscar for "Writer of the Year 1998" awarded at London's Sex Maniac's Ball in front of a colossal crowd of radical perverts. During the summer of 2000, he was appointed Ambassador to Amsterdam for the Independent Republic of Uzupis. Their motto is: Don't win. Don't defend yourself. Don't give up. You can read Bill's Have Rock Will Roll in 3am Magazine's fiction archive

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