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For the first of the Maintenant interview series readings, this Saturday 3:AM Magazine presents three of the most exciting and acerbic contemporary poets emerging from Romania since the millenium; Elena Vladareanu, Ruxandra Novac and Adrian Urmanov.

Challenging, caustic and resolute, their poetry retains the dark humour so prevalent under dictatorship with the utterly modern vernacular of a generation that has come to fruition post-1989. Performing as part of a national tour, this is a chance to see the brightest young talent from a distinct and vivid European poetical tradition.

To celebrate the reading, the Red Ceilings press has released a ebook sampler anthology featuring all three poets, which can be viewed here.

The Rich Mix arts centre, London (Shoreditch / Brick Lane)

Saturday May 29th – 7pm
Entrance free to all.

First posted: Thursday, May 27th, 2010.

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