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3:AM Top 5: Lee Rourke


Exciting news: 3:AM‘s co-editor Lee Rourke has signed a deal with Melville House Publishing in New York for his novel The Canal. Home to such authors as Benoit Duteurtre, Tao Lin and Stephen Dixon, MHP are, as Lee says, “mouthwateringly independent” [you can read an interview with MHP’s Dennis Loy Johnson here]. To celebrate Lee’s news, he shares with us the last five books he recently read:

1. CameraJean-Philippe Toussaint
2. Very Little . . . Almost NothingSimon Critchley
3. The Question Concerning TechnologyMartin Heidegger
4. Unfinished Ode to MudFrancis Ponge
5. The Bird RoomChris Killen

First posted: Monday, February 9th, 2009.

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  1. I just came back from the dead to say congratulations to Lee Rourke. I must begrudgingly admit… he is a writer. A pretty fucking good one, at that.

  2. Yes. Congrats that man.

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