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Doclisboa’ 18

Doclisboa’18 Presents its Retrospective and Focus: Luis Ospina and Sailing the Euphrates, Travelling the Time of the World

At 10:30pm, on July 27thDoclisboa – International Film Festival will present a preview of its 2018 retrospective and special focus sections, through an open-air screening at the Cinemateca Portuguesa – one of the venues of the festival. A double bill of The Vampires of Poverty (Colombia, 1978, Luis Ospina, Carlos Mayolo, 27 min) and A Flood in Baath Country (France, Syria, 2003, Omar Amiralay, 48 min) will provide a first exploration of these programmes, in anticipation of October’s festival.

Retrospective – Luis Ospina

“What interests me most is to investigate what is a documentary in itself, to question the mechanisms that cinema – and documentary in particular – has for transmitting the truth or lies.” Luis Ospina

This year, Doclisboa dedicates its auteur retrospective to director Luis Ospina, one of the most important names of Colombian cinema. His acute and playful vision of his country, his strong passion for cinema and his commitment to preserving the past, marks him as one the most important figures in the recent history of Latin American film. This will be the first ever complete European retrospective dedicated to Luis Ospina’s work, and will feature the world premiere of his latest film, the short Selfish (2018). In this programme, we will present several restored films. The retrospective will be complemented by the director’s carte blanche selection, offering further surprises, discoveries and insights into Ospina’s work and influences.

Focus: “Sailing the Euphrates, Travelling the Time of the World”

The focus Sailing the Euphrates, Travelling the Time of the World offers an additional special programme for the 2018 Festival, presenting a key for the understanding of our day and age through the cinema and history of this complex geographical region.

Doclisboa proposes to present and narrate the complexity of this area – devastated by multiple conflicts over the past 20 years – through films made before the wars and upheavals of our contemporary period. These historical works of cinema’s recent past will manifest a context and frame for the contested present of the region, through a diversity of cinematographic languages and a variety and multiplicity of films and authors – from Armenia, Turkey, Kurdistan, Syria and Iraq.

Please find HERE a Press Kit featuring more information about these two programmes and the films to be screened.  

This year, Doclisboa – International Film Festival celebrates its 16th edition, and will take place in Lisbon from 18 to 28 October.

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First posted: Monday, July 16th, 2018.

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