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I feel like shit. It’s early.

I don’t like my last bear parade post.

I am not skiing. Everyone else is skiing.

I’m typing. I’m eating fattening foods.

I’m feeling like shit.

I don’t care that I don’t like my last bear parade post,

because it’s going to stay there. Bear parade is honest.

I saw some dishonest art last night–

Some paintings of landscapes and bronze statues.

In rich tourist towns you find this kind of art:

There is a poem that accompanies a bronze statue;

it uses the word “aire”. I almost pushed someone out of a window.

The average price of a bronze statue is $13,800.

$13,800 is what it would cost for me to produce 276 books for bear parade.

There were some neon paintings of boots that cost $3,800 each.

$3,800 is 38 Nintendo Gamecubes, or 76 books on bear parade.

I have an issue of the Canary I bought before I had lung surgery.

I’m estimating it costs around $40,000 to print out (800 books on bear parade).

I have been systematically crossing out all of the words I don’t like,

and have crossed out almost every word of every poem.

Here are the words I have not crossed out:



trash can


I am going to write a poem about a bad sandwich using these words.

Gene Morgan is an undergraduate poetry/consumer sciences major at the University of Houston, and has a full-time job at a industrial spring manufacturing plant. He designs websites, including bearparade.com, youngrepublic.com, and his blog, pompadoured.com.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Wednesday, February 7th, 2007.