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Fat man on a beach & other unfortunates

There’s a BS Johnson night at the NFT Tuesday fortnight (16 June):

Tonight we celebrate his unique talent with a diverse selection of his best films. The programme includes Johnson’s bleak, painfully funny contemplation of the human condition, You’re Human Like the Rest of Them (1967); the notoriously misunderstood Paradigm (1969); Johnson’s splendidly unrehearsed meditation on life, the universe and the nature of film, Fat Man on a Beach (HTV 1974); his brilliantly personal portrait of a great writer, BS Johnson on Dr Samuel Johnson (LWT 1971); Johnson talking about the background to writing his own unconventional novel, The Unfortunates (BBC 1969); as well as the cinema premiere of the recently rediscovered short Poem (c1971).

Further: David Quantick on The humour of BS Johnson / ‘Fuck all this lying,’ 3:AM reviews the Jonathan Coe biography of Johnson / Interview with Paul Tickell, director of Christie Malry’s Own Double-Entry

First posted: Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009.

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