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Five for: Shannon Lark

By Alan Kelly.

1) How does one become a Spooksmodel?
To become Fangoria Entertainment’s Spooksmodel one has to compete in an online photos contest, then in front of a live audience and panel of judges. Basically, you have to be talented, in whatever you do. You have to be funny, and smart, and not just tits and ass. Honestly, you don’t have to have a lot of the latter, as long as you are intelligent and you love what you do. Fangoria likes smart women who love being fierce.

2) What are your aims with The Chainsaw Mafia?
My plans with TCM are to expand the Viscera Film Festival (a horror film festival for women), fill out the Slaughter Shop with everything from camera equipment to specialized services, create distribution deals, and offer filmmakers a chance to stream and make money from their films online.

3) For those not in the know, what exactly is The Chainsaw Mafia?
The Chainsaw Mafia is my production company and a website the gives services to artists who come together to create. We have an array of services such as resume posting, discounted equipment rental, interviews/reviews of artists and filmmakers, up-to-date news, film festivals, and the Slaughter Shop, wherein we feature artists and merchants; sell special fx, clothing, toys, paintings, photography.


4) You’ve become quite well known being Fangoria’s front lady, what kind of feedback have you received since becoming their Spooksmodel?
The fans have been amazing, and so many have gone out of their way to check out my work and support all my endeavors. These actions have simply blown me away.

5) What is you love about horror?
As a woman I love it because it demonstrates pain, particularly from a females standpoint. I don’t believe this genre is sexist, and the more women we bring into it, I feel that notion will slowly cease to exist. It’s about the dark, the mystery, and the universal feeling we all share: fear. I can’t get that from a romantic comedy starring Brangelina. Horror is a true art form.

First posted: Thursday, October 1st, 2009.

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