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A Microreview of Nicole Walker’s Micrograms

By Brenna Womer.

Micrograms review

Nicole Walker, Micrograms (New Michigan Press, 2016)

Microlove and micropain­: microthoughts cordoned in a yogurt brain. Microguilt over microgoats, the blood that blooms from a microthroat. Micromoons emitting microlight on a dented hood from a microbike. Microsperm on a toilet seat; microlife feeding at a microteet. Microwings through the tall trees refusing to bow to the microbreeze. Microdeaths turn to microdoubts; ageless thirsts causing microdroughts. Microhairs cleaned by microbugs, and spores engorged, and microslugs. Microstars before white light came, implode by the time we give a microname. Microstates painted brilliant blue, the micromiles to get to you. Microfear for the microlump and losing hair by the microclump. Microweeds through the microcracks by the microstrength of their microbacks. Microcones wrapped in plastic bags that were butter-heavy and microsagged. Microkin and microfriend; microplans for the microend. Micrograms of microtruths, of swell – shame – ache, of life cut loose.


Brenna Womer

Brenna Womer is an MFA candidate at Northern Michigan University where she teaches composition and literature and serves as an associate editor of Passages North. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Normal School, The Pinch, Hippocampus, New Delta Review, New South and elsewhere.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Thursday, May 11th, 2017.