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Examples & models

By Andrew Spragg.

Examples and models


Howdy lately, and prism:
what ailed and gathered under.
What was it we went to,
hence to the spirit then
hence, hence.


True come and money rebuke,
retributions of grand slaps
and hup, got gandered by a burke in the pantry.
True come be fatally shanked
in the shadow of a maximised wealth.


Trackie-bottom investigative, fatally bored,
not huff-puff but enough tough stuff.
We can go lately humming a chanter-lily melody,
the bear that hangs in the recess.
Taxidermic prophecy.


Over-top, trade-in on an interior.
Mister murderous, geo-tag “staz”, and
brandish a counter. Bleat in and bleat in,
who, hence the fatal remedy, hence,
who hence in the next of it. 

This functioning view

all shape turned to silhouette, the pleasure that exacts. This is the low and long in tune. It takes an excess of beating. The rains came and drained away. No major event was noted. The rains came and drained away. No further action was taken. The rains came and drained away. No reasoning was inferred from it. The rains came. The rains came. Leading to believe. Nothing. The rains came. An erasure. The rains came. The scent of rice burning. The rains came. On consultation it was communicated that statue had no present name for this. The rains came. The objects that float were buoyant. The rains came. Who was that in the new world. The rains came. On some predication, the day when every contingency against it ceases. The rains came. What countermand could have been given.

Andrew Spragg is a poet and critic. He was born in London and lives there presently. His books include The Fleetingest (Red Ceiling Press, 2011), Notes for Fatty Cakes (Anything Anymore Anywhere, 2011), cut out (Dept Press, 2012), To Blart & Kid (Like This Press, 2013) and A Treatise on Disaster (Contraband Books, 2013). His writing was also included in Dear World & Everyone In It: New Poetry in the UK (Bloodaxe, 2013). He has also written reviews for The Quietus and Bonafide magazine.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Tuesday, March 25th, 2014.