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Two poems

By Katerina Kashchavtseva.


i no longer want
children or family

heavy smoking
and worthless stewing
in the bars
and 4 arch gateways

i cut through
currents of people
not knowing
whether this stream
has somebody
i no longer love

my dramatically low flight

why do i feel
so happy?
the happiest
of all

a dirty woman
paid two hundred bucks
to do “natural things”
with five strangers
in the car park


hotel “hotel” is full of ghosts
bored out of my scull i hunt after
them with a folded newspaper
a gentleman on the sofa
is casting devious stares in my direction
and precisely at that moment his wife
is having their first child taken out
of her womb
in a semi-dark ladies’ room i turn
off the lights and say “bloody marry” three times
into the black smoothness of a mirror, and she
appears, surely, full of haunting stories,
mouth like a red stain; big purple bruise on her neck looks like
a night butterfly sucking from her vein
i wonder if it hurts, but try not to look
i just stand there, pretending
i am washing my hands in the cold, cold water
the baby cries.


Ukrainian born in 1982, Katia Kashchavtseva got her first degree as an interpreter, majoring in English and Spanish. In 2009 she moved from Kiev to London and enrolled on a Creative and Professional Writing course at Roehampton University, studying under Jeff Hilson. An aspiring writer, Katia was strongly influenced by the work of J.D.Salinger and J. Steinbeck.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Friday, July 8th, 2011.