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attempt at a love poem & other poems

By Robert Kiely.


they burst into the Dáil and make it a Magdalene Laundry for Kenny & co. run by paedo priests and
the Troika debt is sundered, i.e. we is no payin’ back. Cut to the shorn of moorings island migrating south and joining Cuba’s warm embrace, and we wake up. Think more, fuck
-face. The nail that stands out runs the gauntlet of cliché and it’s a small world, what have
you been doing lately? It’s a shame that we’re not into that, let’s talk about something else. Our
gaoler’s peer in, preparing to syphon out the espresso from our veins, we’re angry because
it’s expensive in Costa, Cáfe Néro, etc.

We’ve given up on newspapers, even the FT, ram it down your cock, our manna is replenishing because we’re into this and more, etc.,
slapping your Audi TT, when we get a good budget, we’ll spend it on paper-sculptures and lube and
puppies and X and Y and Z and C and D and B and we’re angry because
it is a small world. If you want to grasp a totality put on some mittens. Actual infinity is not reducible to a unity, it is a vertiginous infinity of infinities and it hurts our fuck
ing heads. Why can’t singulaties not be abnormal or unnatural? Nothing will replace this body, this blood, some gratuitous cum, our
means are no less uncertain for that. You were not given what you have.

Revert to structure, dream, unknowns, self-reflection. Have
we been given back the true meaning of this message? Outside, a lake, buses, etc., it is the antonym of idyllic, our view… and fuck it… why not? Because?

Because there IS no effective apology except possibly time-travel and/or guillotines, and we have
fuck all to do but sleep all day, can’t move unless someone makes money off it, etc. and these dreams, our sole production, are laid at Higgins’ feet.

Our reasons were frail and susceptible to coercion because
of this, and that and they have
a plunger, an apple, water cannons, milk, Tasers, etc.

There is fuck all of our etcetera, eking it out in crumpled lines, bit by bit because of what-have-you and

you shout at our fucking future, because our boundary does a priori contain things, they’re not what we were looking
for (stop, have a thought; is it lamentation for this to have been true? elegy, etc., and lies and weeping.

third poem

corseted versification attempt
at simmering self-citation, can come
up and through, along uncovering bit
dissipating characteristic lung
haul home a post mutual comment to chip
the white moral images, like each soon whore
mouth grips the scattered ambivalent
muse, persists to form sheer vertical sure
insomnia zero in space guard mince
reduced planting living flesh youtube
endemic however the elsewhere queue
of co-analyst from boundary mood
profit conference, penultimate blue
dissolution, solidize across dead
variator uncircumlocutive
lecture the unknown source invalid bled
supposéd construction, distillate lives,
this exegesis meekly ephetic:
foist the emphasis it is true dildo:
worry over astonishment plastic
collaboration across no QUANGO:
finger entrance in relation paste
luminaries scream into condensed
brought back up unconscious adjunct rebate:
smear syllables the subject pokes toasted
fuck seasoned with compunicative grace:
inward anal contemplatory sea
inverts the sermonized falsetto lake
bloody to tune the archive less boney
in stiff rejection, services as friends
to window space the entry context, stress
required intoxication only stems,
conditions red finitude, relentless
username facility bends restraint:
their lost specific metaphysical
distinctions of very critical paint
grate between the inbox, steal lyrical:
mutual admiration society
accepts commodities induce chaotic
conglomerate works, something-century
of initially five less stochastic
prepositions, the ratiocinatives,
they would subtly law colloquial
landmark private sector restoratives:
this sourcing must produce anecdotal
spool words hereafter persona passport:
moreover this epileptic seizure
deserves more stagnant important purports,
crop earliest committed neither
points pawn muttering exclamation require
scribbling new books, stack buttress, excuse
straight chunks, observed scholarly escape gyre
printer aggression, foul unless tattoos
fend, because infiltrate dash to include
one two three endothermic enthymemes,
take rough syllables, roll discontinued
USB, hide expressionless serene:
never smooth about to watch beneath truth
palette smite, in spray elaborate in
jection of fat cult mole shunt fast, and use
am a, um, must away my what hasten
so shell and do death, reserved aubergines,
whereto: lake our drool great golden mother’s
paradigm: heave a dreams meat suit, headline
some put like, eh, waters honey naphtha
leave it, no tiny picture, italics
feel at, only natural institute
summering again, survive death: these links
develop domesticated conduits
after all means by subjectivation:
causal spatiality not telling
between sheer years of fluffage, electron
of all flaws, not written or bound smelling
who bid what later paid lifetime faded
curious blend of alcoholic joy press
sensuous within anticipated
connecting this consolation ballast
more in the new shortlist contrarily
navigate through a land where all posters are
paralysis laminated pinkly
with sausage gown fingering, wanted spar
ing hot moan, eat and drunk ache ring crisis,
belenophobic account for rushing,
come of necessity, room virus:
lather up spontaneous combustion
to declare that assorted thwart inbox
and so it goes to die doubtless, support:
and then this radical door tries then locks
and they’re jellified amongst them to thwart
with, like, a diary of emoticons
of mirror condensation inside, take
some to do and dare to take these glans,
and talking to cleanse the return to snake
like movement: according to category
you drool over the shelling massacre,
all to get in mooning like smilingly
effective, shred the window baedeker
take as read, which the stapler underlined,
was arresting the pdf of know
ing a true to life story juts behind
our current research, you watch it all grow
the slinking untwists towards the cryptic
peace, throughout the land jump for joyful hope,
soldier within multimedia mystic prittstick
boom, go back to the continental slope
in-depth playing, unmarkable essay
was not influenced a line up unless
take away to almost all over space
to structure the skyline to acquiesce
nce, we chant stupidities in backscape,
though well-behaved irrefutably, should
tudor imperturbability make
you mean, put it back on, the fucking hood.

‘attempt at a love poem’

no matter where we are
we’re always touching by underground wires

you are not always in sync with
me curled up in bed to simply say i
would go anywhere with you is
naive under certain administrations, check
my passport: i burn with desire for
those journeys though we may not come
through them we blow bubbles w/ no
air, just blow and blow and climb into
it, this contrivance which dresses up my
simple feelings is bullshit you know
this it entertains you and sometimes
your timidity frightens me to the point
of anger, but keep the lacunae the gaps

Robert Kiely always seeks written approval before sitting in luxurious chairs. His work has appeared in cancan, VLAK, streetcake magazine and others. ‘sestina’ has also been featured on the ‘Donate a Poem for Freedom Bookshop’ facebook-page

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Friday, June 28th, 2013.