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serious Clarence transparencies & other poems

By Steve Komarnyckyj.

serious Clarence transparencies

with the to the individuals watercolour
it isn’t house and Lincolnshire and search younger tannins
in Leeds and P’s as slender as a young disinterest rinsed
with a well rustled who had beach and 18
inspectorate against the window in the north
seeing the law and there is nowhere claims the
house in England Steel and scratch
and we aren’t going to us arrange the Dow Jones
spanning the way and that the street is plant trees
down the tenants your blonde hair and his cheery
spills do with sex ensure you tortuously and to
ensure instead sway over the deadlock in the into in
England and is seen her and small shore and
C ways whisper me the goal Jacqueline Wilson Lines
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latest over the edge of the world or the super
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the wilder areas of the sank into northern forest England’s
dreaming man’s down with assault and being an ecstasy periods and stamens silk can be sure where ingrained beyond England’s bitter sacramental
the ward its use a to C spree
Soames C presents the water
balanced against the lock gates brimming
with amber colored lines and spears and Woodlands creating the blondes remove sunset everything you know,
there is a twinge chance movements
of the canals and inland routes into
is seen as a energy into although
she’s had and received treatment of
gets and something else swallows closed mind
we 8.8 their wines fly into active planes and
eating its mouse and keyboard instruments elsewhere possibilities been an investment

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and hunch beyond battalions in Leeds and P’s as slender as a
of the younger these endures trees with and
well muscled and the beach and painting its bachelor
against the window of the north C and the law
and there is nowhere claims the house of England’s
bill and search and we and 18 arrangements down
your spanning the way and down the street as Kleinwort
drift downward payments you’re blonde hair and his
cheery spills DOS Santos and sure you
tortuously and to ensure means there sway
over the and a draw at the H and England
and is seen hands schools ensure on the
C ways with spare me the goal Jacqueline Wilson Lines
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they spend stamens still
in the usual where recreating beyond
England’s bitter sacramental land
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the water pounds against the law
gains bringing the number of and lines
and spears and with a means
they lingered loans Newman’s own
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and lady brilliance in certain scenes of by an inch into the wishes
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Steve Komarnyckyj‘s literary translations and poems have appeared in Poetry Salzburg Review, The North, and Modern Poetry in Translation. His book of translations from the Ukrainian poet Pavlo Tychyna was published by Poetry Salzburg in 2011. His translation of Vasyl Shkliar’s Ukrainian novel Raven was published in April 2013 and a further translated novel, The Chocolates that Exploded, will be published by Anaphora in 2013. His next book of translated poetry, a selection of Ihor Pavlyuk’s verse, caught the eye of the 2012 by Nobel Laureate, Mo Yan who provided a comment for the cover. He runs Kalyna Language Press with his partner Susie and three domestic cats.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, June 29th, 2014.