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The Missing Links

Shuffle literature and the hand of fate. * “A Story As You Like It” by Raymond Queneau. * An interview with Jim Krusoe: “Someone told me once they liked the spaces between my poems better than the poems”. * William Basinski‘s Disintegration Loops ten years on. * Leopardi‘s nihilistic genius. * The importance of Nick Land. * “The Comet” by Bruno Schulz. * Adorno‘s non-waking life. * Adorno for revolutionaries. * Benjamin Kunkel on the unbearable lightness of Slavoj Žižek‘s communism. * The Feelies at CBGB, December 1977. * An interview with Simon Sellars about J. G. Ballard. * The typography of Jean-Luc Godard. * Philip Hensher on why handwriting matters. * Will the handwritten clues to who we are be consigned to history? * Web-addicted writers. * Simon Reynolds on recreativity and the modern dismissal of genius: “[A]n emerging movement of critics, theorists, writers, and artists argue that techniques of appropriation and quotation are inherent to the creative process. Not only are the concepts of originality and innovation obsolete, they’ve always been myths. Let’s call this movement recreativity”. * Moby Dick Big Read. * Will Self speaks to Shortlist magazine: “I always remember this writer I knew years ago, I won’t tell you his name but he’s quite well known and he had a couple of successful books then went silent for years and years. I ran into him at a party and he was quite coked up and totally unbuttoned. I said, ‘Why haven’t you published anything for years?’ And he said, ‘Everybody’s got an obsession, Will. Mine is girls with guns in boots. Before broadband it was alright because it was manageable. But not now.’ That was it. He had spent six or seven years looking at images of girls in boots with guns while he should have been fucking writing. That could happen to anybody. That could happen to me.” * Will Self on Kafka‘s musical tastes. * On Giacinto Scelsi‘s Anahit. * Erik Anderson‘s brilliant essay on the value(s) of writing: “Is writing any less biologically determined than fucking: do we write because we have to write? […] Does it suggest the balm it cannot itself provide?” * Georg Klein on the future of the novel. * The essential guide to Brooklyn literature in 2012. * Brooklyn follies. * Joshua Cohen interviewed. * Hart Crane in Cleveland. * William Gass interviewed in the Paris Review, 1976. * Coming face to face with one’s punk past. * James Meek on Henry James. * Caspar David Friedrich “spent his life making images that mistrusted the power of images to reveal the ineffable” [via]. * Gee Vaucher‘s new film. * Mark Fisher on Crass. * Fellini‘s TV commercials. * Vincent Van Gogh in five seconds. * David Foster Wallace interview, 2003. * A documentary on Brigitte Bardot. * Zut alors!

First posted: Sunday, October 7th, 2012.

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