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Two Poems

By Jack Little.

City Sleeping

Heaving sun slip away unnoticed, the
Crowded streets a swash with the crock
Of yesterday’s gossip dripping
From her tongue: She sleeps.

But restless, the bustle does not cease
But deadens; rusty beetles crawl
Back to their nests,
Hives buzzing rhythmically

To a dreamland, of filth contaminated air
Dancing pretty pictures in the sky
Your colours purple- your body
Fat to bursting with the business of the day.



The timetable for change suggests that
In some years, you’ll have a plan.

September 4 years from now (not so way off)
You’ll know what to do:

For success, or what resembles that- be it money
Or fame- you shall know your fate
And if it hasn’t come by then, you’d better just
Forget it- and wake up

‘Cos life just doesn’t work
Quite like that.


Jack Little was born in London and currently resides in Mexico City. He is the editor of the online literary magazine The Ofi Press and, as well as working as a teacher, he enjoys writing, sports and political activism. Jack can be contacted at: theofipress(at)mail.com

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Saturday, January 15th, 2011.