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Fetish Alphabet

NOVEMBER 19, 2002
"She said out loud, 'I am a lamp'. She didn't really want to be a lamp, though. She wanted to be a human being. That was the problem."

OCTOBER 11, 2002
"Coming down the back alleyways of his mind for him was his own terrible penis, and it was angry, and it was carrying at its side an entire suitcase filled to overflowing with his whole, long, lonely life."

SEPTEMBER 28, 2002
"She had gone back in her head to that moment in time at which she had stood across from the young boy down by the lake near her childhood home, envisioning gutting him like a fish out of water, as he had systematically eviscerated her with his small, pink, and narrow tongue."

SEPTEMBER 14, 2002
"You had to love them, he thought, for how could you not, for you could not hate them, could you? There were so many about them, after all, to love."

AUGUST 31, 2002
"It was not until, as a teenager, flipping through the pages of a magazine, that the boy found a new kind of rabbit to love. This one took the form of a naked woman in a pink see-through bunny suit, her boobs and butt curving out towards him from underneath her flopping bunny ears."

AUGUST 20, 2002
"The men that he saw out in the world every day wanted to eat women, and he knew this because he watched them chew at women's faces in big mouthfuls, and grab handfuls of women's buttocks, and as they did it say, Yummm, and, Mmmmm."

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