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3:AM Top 5: Danny King

Danny King, who read from his novel Milo’s Marauders (Serpent’s Tail) at 3:AM’s summer gig, is currently listening to:

1. “Home” — Depeche Mode (“It’s helping me adapt The Hitman Diaries into a movie screenplay.”)
2. “Vertigo” — U2 (“which has been instrumental in helping me write a forthcoming book called School For Scumbags“).
3. “I Never” — Rilo Kiley (“which is a lovely song that’s helping me write yet another forthcoming book called White Collar“).
4. “Comforting Sounds” — Mew (“which is just great full stop”).
5. “A Living Thing” — ELO (“which I can’t get out of my head and often spreads to my toes and fingers without me realising it until it’s too late”).

PS: “My girlfriend’s read this over my shoulder and asked if there were no songs about her, but I was only allowed five so ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ will have to wait for another time.”

First posted: Monday, September 19th, 2005.

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