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[Either is good] & other poems

By Matti Spence.

[Either is good]

Either is good    the moor my call kept cold
like eggs in trays    the wash
where grey makes strange the greens
a path about the scene’s meridians
I have sat here night
and day that is
in the night and the day time
Black and yellow – the sun primes the scene for a crow
a line of tiled houses the spectacular
day-into-night of basically objects
or the elevation    not the dualistic containment of
spirit spread about the moor’s undeadness
Not   a plate of glass   No
through it
Flat-plain things to tour a landscape true
bark rot blues at lightrise rabbits prised
and foxes from the burrowed earth
from lane-side’s bee-loud burst
I have sat here like a bottle extracting tints
from the clear light    my containment
is pure notness
listen to the notes they are the creation
of my variation on fullness

Petrol station

Have you ever thought she asks
the sun is conscious? Rows of stacked
chocolate kept cool by an air
It isn’t fair      they are saying
laughing      he came from the north
expecting snow      now look at him
with that
Matti did you stack
the milk with      the dates going
backwards?      I did but isn’t
it strange
little snapshots of star formations
in coloured bottles      fastened with
plastic strapping

[When the wind     it releases the light]

When the wind     it releases the light     comes from the end
of the path to the other
and a man carrying a shovel where the three meets tie
has come from Sharpham Meadows the bur
ial ground
I ask (unfortunate question)     off to do some gardening
as I sd     unfortunate
he then     believe it or not I’ve just come from Sharpham Meadows
the burial ground
Which I know from my time with JR on the coll
aboration working by the still pool and the guests
like gusts for the weekend arriving
Somebody has put down paving slabs across the mud
somebody has left coloured slips of cloth
has tattered tied them like little stoppages of blood
to the lime’s low August hood
What was I expecting     the air to halo itself
to arrange me a realization


Matti Spence is a poet and street musician based in Totnes, Devon. Examples of his work can be found in journals such as The Lighthouse, The Rialto and Southerly, with some recent sound recordings now available on Archive of the Now. Matti is currently beginning a fellowship as part of St Ethelburga’s Spiritual Ecology Youth Programme, where he is developing a community writing project based on poetry and pilgrimage. This summer he participated in the Enemies Project South West Poetry tour.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Sunday, November 6th, 2016.