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Love Affair with weather

By Pam Brown.


I have the time
         to worry

         every day
I check the temperature
             in Taormina
on World Weather


‘losing my religion’
cost $2.19
         I don’t know
   I expected to pay

‘we drink to forget
    the coming storm’


     refining the skill of peeling
         small oval stickers
           off the mangoes
     without damaging the skins


I’d like
     to say something now
     but outside
     the planes
     heading off
        are so noisy

I’ll wait

         the eastern curlews
         are leaving too
             (for china –
           land clearing)


slim hope –
our collapsed planet
might recover
         & I need a myth
             that says so

need to restore
the commentator said


it was awful
            in the taxi
         a tense silence
         contrived as rest
I became
         an idiot
     small talking
         to myself

    you didn’t help


         turned on
         The Velvet Doghouse
because nothing
sounded better
last time I listened


         what did I do
             to deserve this

(the women’s question)

or what did
     I ever




stale cigarette odour
swamps the hallway

it’s the agoraphobe
             next door

puffing away

the agora can be overwhelming
             even if it’s just
             a supermarket


not ‘being conceptual’
                 if tv’s on
             we always
         watch the weather
at the end of the world news
         we have a thing for it

     a love affair with weather

         is that boring for you
                 so boring
         you needn’t know

so boring as to be so bent


you are welcome
             to stop reading
             this poem now
whoever you are



             becoming light
         early in the morning

         becoming patchy
     in the middle of the day


I dread the agora too
         like, panel talking
                 performing poems
        queueing for tickets
             (general admission)
everyone expectant
looking ahead of them
& upwards

I don’t actually go anywhere


showers easing
tomorrow, mostly sunny
     sunlight on compromise
             table of contents


Pam Brown has been active in all kinds of ventures in the multitudinous and continually shifting zone of Australian poetry and in other cultural scenes for over four decades. She has published widely and is also a contributing editor for several magazines and independent presses. Pam Brown grew up on military bases which possibly ‘explains something’. She has held a variety of day jobs but happily avoided a career in any one of them. With stints in various local and foreign cities, she has spent most of her adult life in Sydney. Her most recent book of poems, Missing up, was published by Vagabond Press in 2015.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Saturday, July 2nd, 2016.