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Sohoitis XI: Christiana Spens Interview

By Sophie Parkin.

Sohoitis XI: Christiana Spens Interview

Christiana Spens – author (b. 1986 – The Wrecking Ball)


3:AM: What was/is your most precious (in all senses of the word) moment to write about?

CS: Various ecstasies, but I can’t think of one in particular

3:AM: What makes you smile to your toes?

CS: Spinning fast on roundabouts… and laughing gas (especially on roundabouts).

3:AM: When did you write your best first line and what was it?

CS: I don’t think I’ve written it yet.

3:AM: How do you know when to end it?

CS: When there’s nothing but a full stop in my mind.

3:AM: If a club would have you as member, which would it be?

CS: The Idiots’ Club.

3:AM: Which is your most romantic place in the world?

CS: Bed.

3:AM: Which is the most sordid place on earth?

CS: Bed.

3:AM: What or who would make you behave heroically?

CS: Lines in a play…

3:AM: Where’s the best place to eat, and what is it you are eating?

CS: Ice cream in the park.


3:AM: How important are dreams?

CS: They mostly seem quite useless to me, but maybe that’s why they’re important.

3:AM: Was Philip Larkin right?

CS: He was a bit wrong.

3:AM: Why do you think the sky is blue?

CS: Red was too severe. Blue was easy on the eyes.

3:AM: Do you believe in a God?

CS: Well, I think his jokes are a bit on the cruel side.

3:AM: What do you think we should know about you?

CS: You know too much already.

[Christiana Spens appears at the 3:AM PP at the Green Carnation on Tuesday 2 December]

Sophie Parkin has written seven published books. Three grown-up novels (you can’t say adult, otherwise people think they might be pornography): All Grown Up, Take Me Home and Dear Goddess. For teenagers there is French for Kissing, Best of Friends, and Mad, Rich and Famous. She has also contributed to four other books, from short stories, true stories, long stories, to poetry. Mothers by Daughters, Sons and Mothers both published by Virago, Girls Just Want To Have Fun: the Cosmopolitan book of short stories, and POT 05 – Anthology of Poetry edited by Michael Horovitz. Her new book, Bazaar Nights and Camel Bites (Piccadilly Press), a teenage novel set in Tangiers and London, is out now. Sophie Parkin holds a monthly 3:AM Magazine/Pen Pusher bash — the 3:AM PP — at the Green Carnation in London.

First published in 3:AM Magazine: Monday, December 1st, 2008.