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“I’m not a luddite. I’m just not the guy with apps.” The Rumpus interview Sam Lipsyte. * “You mourn the passing of your last book, and then you have to figure out what it is you write now.” Sam Lipsyte in conversation with Michael Kimball. * And Lipsyte in The Daily Beast on Gordon Lish: “What are we here for if not the sentences.” * “Writing is a form of communication, not just self expression”, audio interview with Raymond Carver (via @tomgauld). * Nabokov‘s The Original of Laura as performance art? * John Coulthart on Jean Cocteau‘s Le Livre Blanc. * Retrospective of Lawrence Ferlinghetti‘s paintings in Italy. * Beckett, Joyce & exile (via) * The Subconscious Shelf, the New Yorker‘s Lookshelves (or Haut or Not). * Modculture review Cathi Unsworth‘s Bad Penny Blues. * Brian Eno to curate Brighton Festival. * Chris Killen & Socrates Adams-Florou in Great Friends (via) * Gigantic Issue 2, featuring Robert Coover, Deb Olin Unferth & recent 3:AM interviewee Blake Butler. * Laura van den Berg interviews Blake Butler. * What’s more desirable, Gravity’s Rainbow vs. Light Boxes * Kim Gordon‘s artwork (via). * J.D. Salinger was one of the original punk-rock writers.” * An English Journey Re-imagined, Iain Sinclair & Alan Moore. * A typographical tour of East London. * New Type York, typographic artifacts of NYC. * Judging books by their covers, US vs UK. * We Made This on the various incarnations of David Eagleman‘s Sum. * Trick with a Knife. * Nicole Elizabeth‘s Threadbare von Barren from Achilles Chapbook Series. * Litro 93: Climate. * The Art of Failure, Okla Elliott on poetry in translation (via) * What to Wear During an Orange Alert talk to Joshua Cohen. * Tom Waits is The RumpusResident Bohemian (see also, the poet & the lady of the canon, Joni Mitchell & Leonard Cohen) * [Podcast] Paul Auster on Beckett (& “boy writers” Bolaño, Perec & Pynchon) * Complete Review on Jean-Philippe Toussaint‘s Self-Portrait Abroad. * Fashion your own Tracey Emin quilt. * 3:AM favourite Tom Gauld has designed Diet Coke cans (via) * Lots to read in Loops Issue 02. * 30 years in the making, a “more comprehensible” Finnegans Wake.

First posted: Saturday, March 6th, 2010.

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