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The Missing Links


Joanna Demers on drone music. * Esmé Weijun Wang: “In deciding to keep certain parts of my book in untranslated Chinese, I was making a commitment to including some readers and likely excluding most others; I was also making a commitment to the possibility of being unintelligible”. * Can an unfinished work of art be considered complete? * An evening for Tony Conrad. * Rachel Cusk on the suspension of disbelief. * Climbing Mount Sontag. * “That we no longer believe in the exalted status of Literature frees the writer to ‘believe in writing’ anew.” * Walking in unquiet landscapes. * Alex Pheby at Shakespeare and Company (audio). * Hans-Ulrich Obrist on curating (video). * Lara Feigel and Jon Day on writing the city (audio). * Jonathan Meades: “I hate the idea of experimental cookery, but I like the idea of experimental literature. I think the novel should be novel, rather than this institutionalised form which has developed, within which very few people seem prepared to break the mould”. * Jonathan Meades again: “I have no idea what that new photography will be but I am sure that if we have an end in mind when we begin we’ll simply return to where we were”. * Dustin Illingworth on the suicide note as literary genre. * Justine Frischmann — the painter. * Translating Knausgaard. * Knausgaard on writerly staying power. * Maggie Nelson at NYPL (video).

[Artwork: Susana Blasco.]

First posted: Friday, April 22nd, 2016.

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