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The Summer of Hate 1: Jon Savage



top.jpgWe asked Jon Savage (pictured in 77 and recently interviewed by 3:AM) to tell us about his Summer of Hate:

“Bad weather; threatening atmosphere on the streets; lines of policemen; working in the City of London and rushing over to Covent Garden to deliver copy at Sounds; bombsites everywhere, with purple buddleia flowering — a hint of exoticism in the blasted urban landscape; flipping out on amphetamine sulphate; frustration; my bewildered parents; white Morris Marina MMK 829L; the people: Poly Styrene, Patti Palladin, Chrissie Hynde (squatting in Covent Garden, deserted after the market moved to Nine Elms), Colin Newman, Jane Suck, Viv Goldman, Dave Fudger, Zecca Esquibel, Leee Black Childers, Mick Jones, Jonh Ingham, Andy Czezowkski, Peter York, Steven Lavers (with whom I had a concept band called Para — Steve was Para Normal, I was Para Noia etc); the clothes — two tone mohair Sixties suit, Bridget Riley op shirt and paint-spattered sta-prest by Pollock, Sixties vinyl trousers, killer winkle-pickers; my first music press interview — Generation X playing live at Edmonton Lock; the Saints at the Roundhouse, fucking rock rock rock!; the Sex Pistols boat trip on the Jubilee weekend. Them and us: state violence. Two modes of perception clashing violently. England’s Dreaming.” [Read our recent interview with Jon Savage.]

(Jon Savage in 78 by Linder Sterling.)


(Jon Savage’s punk fanzine, London’s Outrage.)

First posted: Thursday, June 7th, 2007.

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