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The Summer of Hate 5: Six

From photographer Six aka Simon Barker (see our interview with him here), a former member of the Bromley Contingent, the Pistols’ very first fans:

people remember punk and calling it punk
people remember it in black and white
black and black / black and grey
tension in the air
hetero white boys with black spiky hair
dressed in black leather jackets and black jeans
rips zips safety pins and badges
testosterone-fuelled male adolescents
on speed on beer on protest
and teenage angst
i remember punk and not calling it punk
i remember it in vivid colour
excitement in the air
girls gays blacks freaks
dressed in attitude and imagination
people fuelled with ideas
on alcohol on heroin on nothing
and dreams





[Pictures: 2) Debbie in Seditionaries 3) Jordan and Lindsay Kemp 4) Helen of Troy and film director Derek Jarman (author of Jubilee) 5) Jane Suck (who used to write for Sounds) at the 100 Club 6) The Queen and Ceausescu leaving Victoria Station

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First posted: Monday, June 25th, 2007.

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  1. Look at the old cow, chowing down in her red carriage – that is a CLASSIC shot….

  2. yea yea. hard days.

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